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Provides a 360° view of your entire compressed air system
sullair air audits

Included with a full system air audit, AirSuite provides an analysis of your entire compressed air system via easy-to-read reports — helping you make the right decisions for your operation.

The full system audit identifies key performance parameters including:

  • Actual cfm (m³/min) delivered to production
  • System reliability
  • Quality of compressed air (ISO Classes)


Common areas identified for efficiency improvements include:

  • Misuses of air
  • Inefficient system setups
  • Machines not sized properly for operations


Sullair AirSuite provides options and a customized plan to help maximize efficiency and reduce energy, maintenance and equipment costs:

  • Solutions to help reduce:
    • Maintenance costs up to 60%1
    • Electrical costs by up to 50%1
  • Simulations showing the impact of changing compressors — helping you decide if a different compressor setup is the right option
  • Real-time running samples
  • Detailed reports including system efficiency, cfm usage and power consumption data
  • Reports may help as documentation for energy provider rebates

Plus, AirSuite provides innovative system modeling for new compressor setups

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