Sullair filtration and mist eliminator

Sullair Filtration

Sullair Filtration

Sullair Filtration & Mist Elimination

Activated Carbon; Coalescing; Particulate; High Pressure; High Temperature; Mist Elimination

The Importance of Reliable Filtration

Contaminants are introduced at various stages of the air compression cycle. Removing these contaminants is vital to help ensure part quality, avoid machine damage and protect employees. Sullair filters reliably help remove contaminants plus humidity and oil from the compressed air stream.


Compressed air enters the filter housing inlet. The inlet design helps optimize air flow as compressed air moves into the physical medium of a filter element.

Then, untreated compressed air passes through filter material designed for retention of particles such as liquid oil, oil aerosols, dirt and scale.

Finally, the treated, clean compressed air flows downstream to other inline components or point-of-use. Removed condensate moves from the treated air to be easily drained.

Sullair Filtration
Sullair Filtration

Sullair Filtration Series

  • Engineered for energy efficiency — helps reduce operating costs
  • Durable housing construction for corrosion resistance
  • Broad filtration from general purpose to highly stringent applications
  • Optimized air flow design to help increase efficiency and reduce pressure loss
  • Built for safe and easy maintenance

Sullair ELM Mist Eliminators

Sullair ELM Series Mist Eliminators are engineered for reliable performance in varying load conditions, long service life and to stand up to harsh environments — all while ensuring extremely low pressure drop.

Sullair ELM Series Helps You Save Energy

ELM Series Mist Eliminators have a .05 psi pressure drop — 4 psi lower than conventional filters.

Generally, reducing pressure drop by 2 psi saves 1% in compressor energy consumption.

4 psi = 2% compressor power savings

  • Ultra-low differential pressure—.05 psi
  • High load factor compared to conventional hand-packed media
    • 9–10x greater surface area, dirt holding capacity and pressure drop
  • Special machine pleated element construction
    • Increases stability under changing loads
    • Reduces specific surface tension
  • Engineered to stand up to harsh environments
    • Strong stainless steel support sleeve construction — helps eliminate rust and corrosion
Sullair Filtration
Sullair Filters are available in the following configurations

SX Series – Threaded Filters (25-1900SCFM)
SX Series – Reverse Flow Threaded Filters (25-1900SCFM)
SX Series – Flanged Filters (1900-21,000SCFM)
FH Series – High Pressure Threaded Filters (60-1750SCFM)
FXFRHT Series – High Pressure Reverse Flow Threaded Filters (25-1600SCFM)
FWFRHT series – High Temperature Reverse Flow Flanged Filters (1500-17,700SCFM)
ELM Series – Mist Eliminators (150-12,000SCFM)

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