Sullair oil flooded ls series compressors

Sullair LS Series Compressors

Sullair LS Series Compressors

LS Series

Lubricated Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Lubricated Rotary Screw Air Compressors

100/110/125/150/175/200 psi | 7/7.6/8.6/10.3/12/13.8 bar

  • World-Class Efficiency

    Less energy to power your compressors means more savings

    Patent-pending Sullair Air End: Designed to be the most efficient Sullair Air End ever

    Reduced differential pressure across eaSullair Electronic Spiral Valve Technology: Proven Sullair Spiral Valve performance now with more precision and control to match capacity to system demand (Optional feature)

    Variable Speed Drive: Provides maximum energy efficiency and operating consistency by adjusting the speed of the motor to match compressed air supply needed (Optional feature)

    Ease of Use: Easier and more intuitive operating and servicing

    10 ̋ Sullair Touch Screen Controller (STS): provides easy access to all key compressor performance parameters

    AirLinx® Remote Connectivity: Remote monitoring of compressor functions is fast and easy from any
    connected device: computer, tablet or phone

    Enclosed unit features easily removable hinged door panels for streamlined service and maintenance.

The Heart of a Sullair Compressor

The Sullair Air End

Sullair has more than five decades with rotary screw technology and we keep finding ways to improve it.

The new generation of Sullair Air Ends combines decades of experience in designing and manufacturing rotors – the most important part of the Air End – with the latest in research and technology. Our patent-pending new generation Air End continues to feature asymmetrical rotors precision milled for ultimate performance. And now the Sullair Air End includes:

  • Simpler design for increased uptime. Sullair engineers have developed the latest generation of Air Ends with the optimal number of parts using new casting technologies
  • Larger rotor profile (230mm) for increased efficiency
  • LS160 models up to 150 psi (10.3 bar)1 feature an enhanced Air End package with 260mm rotor profile and improved inlet valve design boosting free air delivery and increasing efficiency compared to previous models
  • The result? The highest performing Sullair Air End. Ever. All without sacrificing the durability Sullair is known for.
  • Expect more uptime, for a longer time
  • Patent-pending Air End has a simplified design, with the same bulletproof quality we’ve been producing for decades
  • Standard TEFC motor offers increased protection against weather, dirt and moisture
  • Slow running 1800 rpm motor provides longer life compared to faster rpm motors
  • World-class components help ensure long life even under extreme operating conditions
  • Standard full base frame, which helps keep dirt and dust out of the unit
Sullair LS Series Compressors
Sullair LS Series Compressors
Sullair LS Series Compressors
Sullair LS Series Compressors
Sullair LS Series Compressors

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